Get involved & help make the movie

Making a documentary requires a lot of help from a lot of people. My guess is your first question might be: why not finance this yourselves? Well…we started out with that intention. However, after flying to Florida to shoot two short videos on our own dime, we realized this is not an inexpensive passion project – at least not if we want to achieve the level of quality we’re aiming for. We have already spent thousands of our dollars, but in order to keep going…we need your help.

My guess is your second question might be: since you have been in the business for a while, why not get this set up at a production company? Why not use your connections? Well…we tried that, too. And we learned two things…

First of all, as you may have noticed on reality television, conflict sells. Several companies were interested, but asked if we could dial up the drama. For instance, it was suggested that maybe our runners could be in a competition to lose weight. Or that maybe several of them could be working their way through an argument while they’re stuck in the same running club. This is not the documentary we want to make. We want this to be inspirational. We want to show what is possible at any stage of life. We believe the everyday human struggles these people are naturally grappling with will provide drama enough without fabricating more. And mostly we believe, particularly now, that there’s an audience for a movie imbued with HOPE.

Second, this is Los Angeles. We don’t have to expound on the fact that ageism is a big issue here. Telling people you want to make a full-length documentary centered on a group of people in their 50’s-90’s doesn’t exactly set the room on fire. We think they’re wrong. We believe there is an audience for a documentary that is not only centered on this sorely underrepresented demographic, but also shows them in the stone cold badass light they deserve to be shown in. But we need help putting such an “un-Hollywood” message out there.


Here are just a few things your donations would help secure:

  • GoPros (or similar small cameras) for the runners so we can get their individual POV’s
  • Plane tickets so we can interview runners all around the country
  • Hotels – so we can, you know, sleep
  • Camera equipment rental
  • Sound equipment rental
  • Hiring a sound crew
  • Editing
  • Color correction
  • Sound mixing
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Advertising
  • Music rights

You can help us by joining our fundraising campaign at IndieGoGo and contributing at whatever level you can.

You can also help us by joining our production mailing list, liking our Facebook page, or engaging us on Twitter or Instagram. We are planning regular updates about the film and production through those channels.

If you’re a big organization interested in supporting this film, please let us know, by emailing us at emailing us at We have a host of opportunities available. Some of our current institutional sponsors include:

If money is tight, help us by getting the word out. Please tell your friends about the movie and, if you’re a runner, feel free to let us know about your experiences and/or send us pictures! We want to make this site as interactive as possible. Thank you!

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